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In 2007 Ron Hast shares his wisdom with Robin Heppell

This Month’s Cover

Small fishing boats rest in harbor on Easter Sunday in St. George’s, the capital of Grenada. This Caribbean island nation produces cocoa and spices such as nutmeg, mace, cinnamon and cloves, which delight tourists with their fragrance. On the other side of town, the Carretage is a favorite harbor for visiting yachtsmen. Photo: Walt Bilofsky

Since 1914

Mortuary Management brings continual analysis about the ever-changing service of death care. Mortuary Management is a trade publication designed for funeral directors and funeral service industry professionals, including manufacturers and suppliers of funeral merchandise and equipment, embalmers, cemeteries, and mortuary science students and colleges. Each month, thousands of death care professionals read Mortuary Management. They count on us as their leading source of independent news and guidance. As the only funeral industry publisher with offices on both coasts, Abbott & Hast Publications is uniquely qualified to provide information on a national scope.

The Story Behind Our Cover Photos

Our readers occasionally ask why the scenic covers of Mortuary Management have no relationship to funeral service. Publisher Ron Hast explains that our covers are chosen to be supportive of the surroundings they are often found in. “I recall visiting funeral establishment lobbies over the years where trade magazines were visible. Covers often carried lines about embalming and other issues that could be disquieting to a bereaved family. We know that many receptionists and others read trade journals during visitation hours and covers are visible to others,” Ron says.
The picturesque scenes represent the respect and enjoyment of nature by everyone at Abbott & Hast Publications. Mortuary Management is mailed with a removable protective dust cover to allow viewing of the cover photograph in its entirety. To purchase cover photographs call (800) 453-1199.