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Bereavement Pins - Pack of 12

Bereavement Pins - Pack of 12Quantity in Basket:none
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Worn by family members at visitations and Funerals to help visitors identify immediate family members. The distinction of wearing the Bereavement Pins serves the surviving family as well as the sympathetic visitors. Families benefit from the increased number of people who can share comforting words and cherished memories. And visitors feel the value of their presence when they are able to express their condolences to all of the mourning family members.

The elegant pins, which also serve as treasured keepsakes, are offered in black enamel in the shape of a cross or, as a non-denominational option, a circle. Both have a center image of a dove in flight and are presented on a card with the expressive poem, ďIt's My Time,Ē by poet Jacky Newcomb.
The symbols are available with a traditional Christian cross and non-denominational Circle of Life. They both have a motif of a wide spanned dove in the centre and have a butterfly clasp, suitable to be worn on all clothing.

The Mourning Cross and Circle are presented on a black A7 size card with a poem by Jacky Newcomb entitled, ďItís My TimeĒ as shown below.

It's My Time
by Jacky Newcomb

Where do we go when itís time to leave? Itís my time.
Through the tunnel of light, where itís clear and bright. Itís my time.
My friends are all waiting on the other side,
Iím a little bit scared, but my angelís at my side.
Itís my time.

I know youíll cry, But itís my time.
I know youíll be wondering ĎWhy, Why, Why?í But itís my time.
I canít stay on Earth where my work is done.
Heaven is great, Iím happy and itís fun.
Itís my time.

Iíll always love you and youíll always love me, But itís my time.
Never forget me, but I want you to move on, ĎCoz itís my time.
All good things must come to an end,
Youíre in my heart, and youíll always be my friend,
But itís my time.

Although we must part itís only for a while. Itís not your time.
Make me proud as you carry on. Itís not your time.

Iíll wait for you till youíre old and grey.
Iím sorry that you have to stay. Itís not your time.

Life is precious and although itís not the same, Itís not your time.
Life will go on, I think youíll find, Itís not your time.
I want you to promise that while I am away
Youíll love one another, I hope and pray........ youíll
Understand my darling,
Itís my time, itís my time........ Itís my time.

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